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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Erased: A Summary


One of the best anime I have seen in years. A drama, it focuses on the story of a girl who is destined to die. The story is told from the eyes of a man who travels through space and time in order to befriend and investigate her impending doom.

I watched it while it was airing in Japan and each episode was thrilling, emotional, and had a wonderful pace of storytelling. There was a few cliffhangers throughout the story but overall the flow was maintained well and each episode left you wanting more. I could see new viewers easily binging through this one in a day or two.

Plan yourself around it and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Another honorable mention is Parasyte -the maxim-

This was a retelling of the manga "寄生獣" or "Parasyte" released way back in 1988. I won't go into much detail but enjoy the trailer and, if you like what you see, check it out!


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